Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles with installation ceiling t bar and wall angles, assorted designs, edges and size for choice.

Sag resistance:
Shining pure wool ceiling adopts special moisture proof agent with build-in technique to    ensure the even distribution of the agent within the board and the fully cover of the agent around the bonding points. The all-round sag resistance performance of Shining pure wool ceiling is superior to the like products.
Fire resistance:
Fire resistance performance is the basic requirement for building materials. During the design, material choice, and construction processes, special attention should be paid to the fire resistance performance of the ceiling and partition wall. Series products of Shining ceiling are all up to flammability requirement of GB8624 A.
Green Products:
The raw materials of Shining mineral wool ceiling are all green and environmental friendly, and the production process is also pure wool and pollution-free. Shining mineral wool ceiling is 100% recyclable.
High CAC:
Shining mineral ceiling has CAC of above 35dB or higher tested by National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials according to GB/T50121-2005 Rating standard of sound insulation in buildings.
Thermal insulation:
Mineral wool ceiling, with thermal resistance of 0.23 (m2•K)/W, is an ideal ceiling material with good thermal insulation performance. Shining mineral wool ceiling adopting pure wool technique ensures better thermal insulation performance.


Packing and transportation

1). standard export carton

2). transporting by container

3). according to your request.



Widely used as suspended ceiling of super class buildings such as restaurants, shopping malls, hospital room,ballroom,hall, theaters, cinemas, railway stations, auditorium, offices, living rooms, offices, electronic room, precise equipment room and the residential construction industry


Mineral cotton, compound fiber, Nm antimicrobial, Desiccant, Perlite,etc


The mouldproof ethylene coating has ability of oxidation resisting and strong coherence. Adding of fireproof reagent in the coating improves the fireproof ability.

Noise reduction 


NRC 0.4-0.6 depending on the pattern and thickness  

Humidity Resistance(RH) 

RH value>=90% 

Light reflectivity


Fire Performance 

non-combustible, reach class A according to EN13964:2004/A1:2006 






595x595mm; 595x1195mm

600x600mm; 600x1200mm

603x603mm; 603x1212mm

Edge finish 

square edge, tegular edge, concealed edge, microlook tegular edge 


9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm,19mm,20mm,etc.

Product Feature

Sound absorbing,Resistance to fire, warm-keeping, energy-saving, heat-insulating

Pattern and Design

Pine holes, fine fissured, dune surface, small box, Armstrong similar patterns: Minatuff, Ultima, etc.

Quality Certificate:

 ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, CE Certificate.


Mold Resistance 
No Asbestos
No Formaldehyde